Marilyn Steers
Coaching Leaders---
Facilitating Leadership.

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Coaching Leaders

Identifying and developing specific skills that will support your contribution to success and well-being in your life, work, family, and relationships.

  • Individualized Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Facilitating Leadership

Facilitating small groups and teams to support productive and beneficial solutions and results.

  • Support for strategic direction setting and plan development.
  • Support for challenging and critical conversations.
  • Support for exploratory conversations.

About Kaleidoscope Consulting

My work is dedicated to supporting individuals, communities and organizations identify and achieve their desired ends through strategic, principled, and courageous conversations. Over the last 20 years, under the banner of Kaleidoscope Consulting, I have managed and facilitated a diverse range of strategic planning and stakeholder involvement projects within federal, provincial and municipal government, the education and social service sector, and the private sector.

About Practicing Leadership

I believe that practicing leadership is not only for those who hold formal ‘leader’ positions but that we each have the potential (and the responsibility) to practice leadership in our life and work situations. For me, practicing leadership is when you choose to actively contribute to and support the well-being, growth, and success of your professional and personal situations regardless of your formal role or position, and about being in service to and building the collective intelligence and health of the whole. My work is dedicated to supporting people, individually and collectively, to practice leadership.

What People Are Saying

"Marilyn Steers' inclusive, respectful approach assured an outcome that was reflective of the diversity of many viewpoints around the table -- an outcome that helped us chart a course for effective community partnerships. "

− Debra Pozega Osburn, Vice President (University Relations), University of Alberta

"Marilyn’s facilitation and coaching kick-started us from stalled, to action and outcome; and enabled us to clearly identify where we needed to go and how to get there. The results have been amazing! "

− Sherrill Meropoulis, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Jasper National Park

"Marilyn is masterful in working with groups to put the hard conversations on the table and arrive at meaningful solution. "

− Freda Molenkamp-Oudman, General Manager, Agricultural Products Marketing Council, Gov. of Alberta

"My coaching experience with Marilyn gave me key tools to reach my potential as a manager and leader, to manage workplace stress and develop an effective team. These skills also helped me to improve my work/life balance and deal with a number of life and job challenges. "

− Brice Stephenson, Coaching Client

"Marilyn helped our new school staff make a commitment to establishing a strong leadership community in which we all play an important role, and in creating a “safe circle"

− Denise Kofin, Principal, Fr. Henri Voisin School, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

"Marilyn possesses an unusual ability to identify and draw together people whose interests would be served by closer cooperation. Characteristically, those alliances achieved results that were advantageous to all of the participants."

− The Right Honourable Joe Clark, P.C, C.C.

"After we formalized our Values and Principles, she challenged our leadership to define how we would operate differently based on those values and principles. This has had a profound effect on us, and our organization is a drastically different organization as result of work Marilyn has done with our school division. "

− Don Dolan, Retired Superintendent, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

"Without exception Marilyn has delivered—met and exceeded the contribution superb facilitation can bring to planning and implementation processes. Marilyn is very fair minded and goes to great lengths to make sure everyone around the table brings forth their ideas. "

− Don Macyk, President, Maridon Agriculture Ltd.

"We were looking for assistance in designing processes and a leadership model that would result in every employee connecting personally to the College’s goals and plans as well as seeing how their efforts contribute to the College’s success. Her knowledge and skills were instrumental in our progress towards that goal."

− Dr. Wayne Shillington, Retired President and CEO, Norquest College

"Working with Marilyn, I was able to build my level of self-confidence and was able to hear my own true voice. "

− Coaching client